dealsrosewill v2 3.5" sata to usb & esata ext…


Since 1saleaday moved to Florida (from Brooklyn) a few months ago I have been experiencing terrible shipping problems. They often don't ship until 2-3 weeks after the sale.


Not sure if anyone is a DirecTV customer, but you can connect this to your HD-DVR if you are one. Just shut down your receiver and connect the drive to the back using eSata ONLY (will not work through USB). Boot up the drive and wait a couple of seconds. Then boot up your receiver. Your DTV receiver will format the drive and give you additional space.

This will BYPASS your internal drive, so anything you currently have recorded you will not see on the new drive. If you want to see the stuff on your internal drive just shut down the receiver again and unplug this external drive. Boot the receiver back up and you're good to view your other stuff.

I was replacing drives every year until I picked up an enclosure that had fans in it like this one. Now I don't have any issues.


I have a couple of these drives. They work very well! The fans are nice and quiet and do their job. I do wish that installation was a little easier (something I could open up by hand to swap drives from time to time), but if you're just looking to connect another hard drive outside of the case and don't plan to be swapping drives a lot, this one is exactly what you want (assuming you want USB2 or eSATA). Also note that if you're using this in a desktop PC that doesn't have eSATA, this comes with a rear bracket. Plug the internal SATA cable into a free SATA port and presto! You have eSATA.

As for 1saleaday, they're not horrible. Just don't expect you order any time soon. Orders often take 2-3 weeks. I've ordered quite a few items from them. I've always gotten my items and haven't had any problems. They're just slow. If you want fast, you'll have to pay more and get it from some place like Amazon or Newegg.