dealstoshiba excite 10.1 16gb for $199.99 + freeā€¦


Mothership has good reviews and a much higher price:

But I do wonder if that "1 year warranty" started when the thing was new. Bought an Android Tablet from these guys last year, and not only did it take WEEKS longer than they said it would, the thing was actually OUT of warranty, even though the blurb said it had one.

This store does have some good deals, but they're sketchy (if they're selling an Android device with an older OS, they deliberately leave the OS version number out of the specs) and unreliable.

Having said that, if I needed ANOTHER tablet, I might bite on this one.


This looks like really good deal but I noticed they are not mentioning the model number anywhere, even though the pictures are identical to the link provided by Robio. Anyone know if Toshiba is releasing a new version any time soon?


@morphiuzzz: I'm pretty sure Toshiba stopped making tablets last year. I have this one (at least the AT305 version) and I can say it's an excellent tablet. The biggest problem is that I can't find a 2nd charger or a dock for a reasonable price. A replacement charger on Toshiba's website is $30 + $10 shipping. Although I can't blame retailers for not selling accessories for a legacy tablet.


I bought this from these clowns for 219.99. BEWARE There is a known defect with "bleeding" around the screen on some production runs. I'm waiting on my second from them. I think they are just turning around defective units and waiting for their warranty to expire so you can deal directly with Toshiba. It cost me 12$ to return it. It was in an original shipping box from Toshiba but was opened then closed back up.

I asked for my money back and them to pay for shipping if I get another defective unit. They never responded. I've used these guys before with mixed results. The shipping was good on this unit but after this I'm only going to use them for "cheap" stuff.


From 1 saleaday: Note it took 7 emails to get to this point.
APR 26, 2013 | 12:09PM EDT
Franky replied:

Thank you for contacting 1saleaday,

I am truly sorry to hear that you have encountered a problem with your order.
Please feel free to send the order back for a replacement.
Your order number serves as your RMA number.

To ensure a quick return process, please be sure to fill out the Return Request form (link provided below) and send it back with your package. Forms without order numbers and purchase dates can take 14 extra business days to process. If you are unsure of your order number or the date of your purchase, please let me know and I will provide that information for you.
1SaleADay Return (your order number here)
5960 Miami Lakes Dr E
Miami Lakes FL 33014
Return Request form -
I would recommend using a shipping carrier that provides tracking.


@sluijs01: After 1saleaday was selling the Toshiba Thrive for a while they started unloading lots of the accessories cheaply. Maybe they have a lode of accessories for the Excite also. Time will tell.


I bought one of these tabs and it does have light bleed just as so many reviews said. It is not so bad that it causes any concern. My only fault with this tab is that it wanted to update from Ice cream sandwich to jellybean which was great until I saw the notice that jellybean doesn't support adobe flash. For some reason the OS that is on the tab will play flash video. That was the main reason I bought it because my Asus didn't play flash. Also when the tab arrived it was in the right factory box but had an old manual from another tab included. It had hand writing all over it. Having trouble getting it to connect to google too. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Other wise it's a really nice tab. Good cameras and sharp high def video.


This is not the AT305 model. That model has Nvidia 3 tegra processors. This is the AT205-T16 model, it has the TI Omapp processor (an older model of the Excite, no longer being sold).

I have the AT305, and that's a considerably better model than this one.


I had one of these and most tablets bleed... This one is no worse than many others. However, I returned two of these as they constantly locked up and the aluminum shell was coming off at the corner.


@pmperry: I disagree. I had an asus- no bleed, I have an ipad- no bleed- I got the excite for my wife bleed in 6 places- totally unacceptable- still think they are turning around defective units- no manual either.