dealsamd phenom x4, asus mobo, 4gb crucial ddr2, 1tb…


No-name power supply
Slow RAM
DDR2 memory
Limited to two DIMMs
Discontinued CPU
High failure rate on the hard drive



For 300 bucks though for that setup, is a steal in itself.


@ebobo: Seagate has fixed the problems with their LP drives, i haven't had problems with any of the new ones Ive received.
Also, build-it-yourself kits are not meant to be that upgradeable in my opinion. They are systems that work out of the box for people that need one quick or are building for someone who doesn't need much.


if it was a Phenom II i would say jump on it. but there is no way i can recommend the first gen Phenom. but hey for $300 its still not a bad set up so long as you don't expect it to be a hardcore gaming machine.


I would buy this over any big name brand PC at this price point. Good buy if you're just looking for a basic computer. If you're looking for something crazy you'll probably be spending that much on the CPU alone.


It looks like a fantastic deal. I really dislike those who criticize a <500 PC as "don't expect it to cure cancer!"

I would bag this immediately if I hadn't put some k on a work laptop yesterday.


You guys really need to not talk about (mod edit: profanity) that you don't have a (mod edit: profanity) clue about.

AMD Phenom II X4 945: $140
Foxconn M61PMP-K AM3 Micro ATX: $44
WD Caviar Green 1TB: $60
Grand (mod edit: profanity) total: $326 with free shipping. Via Newegg.

I know for a fact you can get those parts far cheaper elsewhere, like MicroCenter, Pricewatch or Fry's.

So please, I know the difference between chicken (mod edit: profanity) and chicken salad and so do a lot of other people. This isn't a deal. For another hundred bucks you can buy a new case, PSU and DVD-R or you can scavenge them off Craigslist for a quarter of that. Hell, I'd bet most people all ready have all of that crap or know someone who does and isn't using it.

People who build their own PCs aren't going to skimp on the components. At least, not those who know what they're doing.


@thebthatwasp: +1 for the unbridled rage. Reminded me of Tourettes Guy.



Yes I love the anger too!!


Grand total: $326

Oh and also another hundred not so grand.



+1 for blind rage

Ummm... not to further incite your anger, but you forgot to add the Case, PS and CPU cooler to your list, which still makes this an ok deal.

Look this kit isn't for everyone, but for basic computing needs (which is 90% of people) it will work just fine.


I own this case. Power supply will work just fine for this setup. Been going strong now for 9 months without issue. It's a LOT brighter than you think it will be, but you can disconnect some of the lighting if it's too much.

Add a decent video card (be mindful of the power requirements), and this will run anything out right now at mid to low settings.


Frankly, compared to my current rig (Athlon XP, FML), this thing would run circles around it...

With the exception of crappy video card.


Pretty weak sauce, to be honest. Fair price for a system of this kind, but hardly a deal.

You can do better on Newegg: