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LOVE this series! I am in love with Michael Weston, and I always wanted to be Fiona. Plus, Bruce Campbell is just fun.


@hot72chev: I wanted to be Fiona, but with more meat on my bones. (I have to be realistic about my ability to exist on yogurt and air alone.) And I always wonder if Bruce Campbell is as fun as the characters he plays.

But I truly loved Madeleine. What a hoot! And what an ending!!!


I always like watching this and "in Plain Sight" on USA Channel.

Madeline was my fav. too. The whole cast had good chemistry.


Amazon shows a price of $98.99 and that you are saving $50.99.

Bonus features would be the only reason I would buy this. Loved the series. Netflix has all 7 seasons. I may go back and watch it after I finish rewatching Psych.


It's 9:40am on 4/2/14 and this deal is expired!


When your a spy one of the first things you learn is that sales don't last. (admit it, you read that in his voice).