dealssriracha hot chili sauce 17 oz. for $5.43 + free…


love this stuff, but it is cheaper at my grocer


how is this a deal? it's cheaper at the market even when its not on sale!


This is great stuff. It is capable of making bland, awful food tasty. That said, and as others have pointed out, this really isn't a deal. Go to your local grocery store, or, for even cheaper prices, a southeast-asian market.

(BTW, this isn't really a "hot sauce" per se. It's very mild, so you use it like ketchup.)


Thanks for the reminder. I've been out of this for a while and keep forgetting to pick some up.


$2.99-$3.99 at most supermarkets. This is a complete rip-off.

@psaux: Stop trying to act cool (it's not working). This stuff is extremely hot, damn near unbearable for people that aren't heat-heads.


@cavimike: You might have gotten a bad batch. My gf can barely handle a few drops of tabasco yet she squirts this all over her sandwiches. Given the size of the bottle and consistency of the sauce alone, I think there's good support for my statement. On top of that, it's frequently used by restaurants in their "aoli" these days (flavored mayo, essentially). I stand by my statement - this is meant for ketchup like use vs. many "hot sauces" which are meant to be applied a few drops or brief squirts at a time.

Also, thanks for being a dick.


You can get a bottle almost twice the size for half the price at almost any Asian market.


I agree... it isn't that hot.


@cavimike: put me in the boat for "not that hot" I hate ketchup but I use this stuff like it's ketchup. It's spicy but it's a mild kind of spice that lingers. I've used spicy hot sauces in chili and a teaspoon of that stuff goes a long way in enhancing the flavor of an entire pot (without making it too spicy)

@belome Sheesh, you're one to talk. you would anything, toys, marshmallows, princesses, plummers, reptiles... why don't you just go away and let the flood roll in.


Agree with others that this is NOT a deal (unless you can't get it locally, then you can consider it as them including the shipping cost in the price).


"Free Super-Saver shipping" is NOT "FREE SHIPPING."



tad bit expensive tho


It's depth of flavor exceeds its ingredient list.

Also make Kraft Dinner bearable.


It's really easy to make yourself and will end up being cheaper. I can't bring myself to buy it anymore since I started making it at home. It tastes so much more fresh too.


It is cheaper if you can find it at a local grocery store, but for those that don't live near one that carries it,the you have to buy it here.

BTW: Second The Oatmeal recommendation.


@bitterpoet: Links or it didn't happen. Where's your recipe? I'm a fan of the stuff and would like to try making my own.


"...for half the price at almost any Asian market."

Now who can get me a deal for C C Lemon?

THAT is never on sale at any Asian market :P


@bradygt: This is the exact recipe I use for myself or when gifting to others. I usually use brown sugar instead of palm sugar (since I don't usually stock the latter).


At Lion Market (located in San Jose, CA), a bottle is only 2.59. This is by-far more than a rip-off.


I love this stuff. It makes me sad I didn't find out about it till I was 51. With that said, in my case, at 51 I am more sensitive to the heat in this sauce so I have to put a fraction of the amount called for in the recipe.