dealshp quad-core desktop w/ 12gb ram (refurbished…


Is this locked down with UEFI?


@justabandnerd: UEFI and the "locked down" secure boot are 2 separate things. Secure boot requires UEFI, but not every UEFI system uses secure boot. Most every machine made in the past year or two uses UEFI. Only Windows 8 machines use/require secure boot.

This is a Windows 7 box, so my guess is 'Yes' to UEFI, but 'No' to secure boot.

Overall this seems like a nice box for the price and should handle most anything you throw at it except heavy gaming. I'll let someone else issue the standard complaints about the undersized power supply and crappy video.


I would buy one but I can't figure out how to get a quote on the square trade warranty...

The link on the product page just pulls up a 'generic' square trade warranty info page - no cost, no ability to generate a quote, etc. When I go to their website directly, I only see the option to purchase a warranty for a new (not refurb) PC.

So, I'm stuck here... Woot Mods, any help?