dealsapple $100 itunes gift card for $85.00


I wouldn't pay $20 for a $100 iTunes card.


@theghastlyghost: I agree, it's like throwing your money away. MP3s sound like crap to begin with, why would you want to pay for them too.


@andrasko15: You know they sell more than just music, right?


@ibobafett: Just stating my opinion, no need to be a trolling jerk.


Why lock yourself in prison? Buy your MP3's from Amazon and have true portability. The executives at Apple should be thrown in jail for what they do to their MP3 customers. And Apple users should throw their ipods through the open windows of cupertino headquarters.

But of course they won't. Because people aren't rebelling against Apple, in the words of Steve Jobs "They don't know any better".


@justabandnerd: iTunes portability requires nothing more than converting the music you download - which iTunes will do for you, if you ask it.


@justabandnerd: itunes will convert your music to any format you need. You can also change the quality and type of the music file you're downloading. Please educate yourself at least a bit before you concoct a nonsensical rant about a product you've never been open minded enough to explore and even still make an attempt to insult us with an out-of-context-qoute.

“Unfortunately, people are not rebelling against Microsoft. They don’t know any better.” – Interview in Rolling Stone magazine, no. 684 (16 June 1994)

and yes, I see what you (i)tried(/i) to do there. nice try though.

HAHAHAHAHA I remember when all the hipsters used Apple because it wasn't mainstream. I guess now that Apple has become a giant they've moved on to what? android? but aren't those pretty mainstream now too? so tell me hipsters, what product lines are you blogging about these days?


Converting your iTunes downloads to mp3 would be lossy to lossy which would downgrade the quality (and actually could make them "sound like crap").

That being said, I'm ridiculously tempted because I have an iPhone and love apps.


People people people! Why would you convert the music you buy from iTunes to anything? All their music that you download is no longer protected by DRM. (Which is the true evil.) And you can also use this $100 to purchase iTunes Match for $25. Which will convert all of your illegal or borrowed or whateveryouwantocallit music to full "purchases". Then you can download glorious 256kbps m4a files that you can play on any modern phone/tablet/doohickey.

There's also a little program out there called requiem, that allows you do the same for any videos files you may want to buy as well.



You guys are funny.

One of you says mp3s sound bad -- while iTunes uses .m4a, with 256kbps AAC encoding. I can't make assumptions about you individually, but most people can't tell the difference between that and anything "better". They exceed the capabilities of most people's stereos, especially if there is any background noise at all, like in any car. In fact, if you look at the actual physics of how they work, vinyl records aren't truly capable of that level of quality. (Analog is theoretically capable of better quality than digital, but not the way it's implemented in vinyl.)

The other says you'll "lock yourself in prison" with these instead of amazon mp3s. All the music Apple sells now -- and for the last few years -- is, again, m4a -- with no restrictions. (I agree that the video is still locked down, and that's somewhat annoying; but all my devices are compatible, so it's still the best option for me.)


In other news:
SCREW YOU, Best Buy!

Their email-delivery iTunes cards always failed for me, saying they couldn't verify my information, even though I tried (at various times) different payment methods -- PayPal, three different credit/debit cards -- that ALL work with no problems anywhere else.

I thought this one finally worked and had voted it up, but NO, I just got their rejection email saying the same thing. Wish it wasn't too late to vote it down. Wish I could vote it down 100 times.

I tried contacting them in the past, and their system passes me around and ultimately ignores me.

So, once again, SCREW YOU, Best Buy!


@dsblack: you know this one isn't email delivery right? They mail you the card or pick up in store.


In better news, Sam's Club has them online, free shipping, for $84.64 -- either as a 4-pack of $25 cards or as a single $100 card. Limit is FIFTEEN per customer, not one like Best Buy. Just go to the Sam's Club web site and search for "itunes".

Thanks, Sam's; I'm in for two.


@gadgetgirl88: Yes, that's why I thought and hoped it had gone through this time -- because it was an actual physical card they had to mail or pick up. I chose the pick-up option. They still sent a cancellation a few minutes after the order confirmation.


@dsblack: Thank god someone is finally being straight about sound quality. +1 good sir.


Why would someone feel the need to comment on something they're NOT interested in? Nothing to do today?

I would be a very busy man on Woot if I did that.


This comment section should come with the warning "DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS"


You say you don't care, till for whatever reason your office has given you a $25 itunes card for your accomplishments...but you don't have an Iphone and get stuck trying to sell it off to your coworkers for $20.

Stop giving management bad ideas!


@gadgetgirl88: I'm happy for you. (Honestly, no sarcasm.) I know it's worked for other people. I have no idea why it never works for me -- but I also know I'm not the only one, so there are people on both sides of the problem.

I wish it worked for me, but I've pretty much given up trying. The only reason I bothered trying this time was because it was ordering a physical product; I knew their system kept failing for me with the email delivery version. Guess it's just Best Buy in general.

I'll stick with Sam's -- or Target on the few occasions when they sell them with those discounts at the actual stores.


@justabandnerd: All the Apple sheep voted down our comments, I think I will go cry myself to sleep listening to Ani Difranco...not.


@theghastlyghost: LMAO, God I hope your playing along. "Apple Sheep" haha I'm pretty sure it wasn't too many years ago that you hipsters were using "microsoft sheep" or "Bill Gates Sheep". By now you should have learned that all companies aspire to accomplish the things Apple and Microsoft have done. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were approximately the same person only Steve Jobs had a little better idea of what quality control really means. Google provides no one with anymore freedom than Apple or any other company. They have the same lame user agreements and frankly I'm getting sick of them looking at my emails to decide which ads I'm most likely to click. (I've tried turning this off but no dice.)

Anyways that got off topic. Pickin up my gift cards today any suggestions on books or cool apps? :-)