dealszippo all in one kit (lighter/fluid/flints) for…


For an extra $0.54 you can get it from Amazon with Prime/Super Saver.

(correct me if I'm wrong, but when I'm logged in... anything that's Prime Eligible is also Super Saver Eligible?)


Not necessarily but supersaver shipping for those without prime requires a 25 min purchase price. Prime is great but not everyone has it.


I don't think this deal is that great, the zippo itself is ~$9.50 always on Amazon and the flints + 4oz fluid is ~$3 at any store. (or you could get 12oz of fluid and the flints for ~$4.50)

I'm not saying that this isn't a good product at a good price, because it is, but it is not any cheaper than it always is so this doesn't belong on a deal website.

ps- each old bic lighter contains a flint that is 3x the size of a zippo flint so if you keep your old bic lighters you will never need to buy zippo flints.