deals4 featured shirts for $4.99 + $1.99 shipping, all…


If your shirt doesn't show up in the mail, you're screwed! I ordered from LOLShirts, but I never received anything.

It wasn't LOLs fault... It wasn't USPS' fault...

Oh yeah, it was MY FAULT for shelling out $10 to buy a non-existent T-shirt!

On the other hand, maybe I should spray paint that on my chest. Now THAT would be a funny shirt! (LOL)


I love LOLshirts!! The prints are clever and the tees are good quality. I got my shirts really quick! It is an awesome deal when I can pick up good shirts at $4.99 a piece.


Do these fit like AA (American Apparel) or like a typical Hanes Fattie McFatterton?


Beware!! I was going to order a Winchester Tavern T-shirt, and pay with my PayPal account....the next screen was a PayPal look-alike screen asking, not for a log-in, but all the credit card info, Social Security #, Date of birth, etc... No thanks.


I've ordered 5 shirts from them. They are not very soft - unlike woot's which are awesome quality and U.S. made. Two of them are hard and scratchy, even after multiple washings. Two are just plain stiff, and I use liquid softener. I won't be buying any more from them :(


@rolland424 - We're sorry to hear you didn't get your shirt as expected. We'd like the chance to make it right or at least get you a refund. If you'd please contact us at with information about your order, we'll be happy to get it taken care of!


@jdbrtf: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is the first we've heard of something like this. Naturally, you shouldn't ever need to provide your social security number or other such personal information to order a tshirt. After looking into it, we couldn't replicate the problem, but we'll keep an eye out.


After reading these comments, I would never order from LOL