dealsgetting started with arduino kit + arduino…


The Arduino platforms are an awesome platform for both learning and creating real world useful gadgets, however I'm just not sure this is the great deal that they claim... You can pick up this stuff on Amazon at good prices, and if learning how to work with this a real paper book vs. the PDF is really nice to have.


@nkull: I can't find this for less on Amazon. On the web, Jameco has it for $74.95, so this seems like a reasonable deal.

Note that the components that come with this starter kit are the ones that you need to complete the projects in the book, so most of the Amazon deals, which have just an Arduino Uno, some jumpers, and a breadboard aren't equivalent.

Yeah, no tree-killer copy of the book is kind of a bummer. They're cutting cost by dumping the cost of printing onto the buyer, of course. They do that even at the regular $100 price, however.