dealsjeggings, denim leggings with punk rock graphic…


Why do you continue to re-post this?
This is the third time in two days and all you do is "RIP" it and re-post it with a different title!
Give it up!


@kelomaki: each post is actually a different style, perhaps look before complaining.


@kelomaki: Really, who cares? We just use the post to get a quick link to the Deal of the Day...


@kelomaki: What a jerk! my wife loves this link...


@setsunarcangel: Let's not get into name calling, thanks.


At least they aren't jorts...


Don't you know that if you ever complain about oh Cheri, they will send their army of mindless drones after you?


@whoster69: Actually we Deals.Woot users simply take it upon ourselves to correct your idiotic statements. OhCheri needs not do anything.


@whoster69: I'm picturing an army from Oh Cheri coming after me in their jeggings and babydolls and bustiers and I don't see that as a bad thing.


Real Punk Rockers wouldn't wear pants that say "punk rock" on them. I'm just sayin'.


Different style......Ok... So it's OK for me to post the same shirt in different colors?
Red shirt, blue shirt.... It's the same "F'in' shirt.. Different color.
Hip Hop, Denim or Punk Rock Legging (Jeggings).... They are all the same.


Stop whinging!
Don't like it- don't click it.
These are on sale- maybe half price. Today.
That's a deal.
That's why we're here.

Want some fun?
Goto Walmart, and you may see some 50 year old 350 pound honey in these.
And a pink fur boa.
And a wiggle.


@craigthom: Yeah, me too. Also.
First thing i thought of.
Maybe a dozen near nekkid Bond esque beauties determined to wear me down.
I think I'll think it again ...


@natalieug: True and not to mention the fake rips on the jeggings appear to show neon orange fishnets over severely jaundiced skin, Doesn't even closely match the actual fishnets the model is wearing beneath them.

Cute idea, but definitely screams "poser" unless you could wear them with a hefty dose of irony.


@natalieug: real punk rockers are in their fifties and sixties, if they are still alive. Anyone younger dressing like a punk is a poser.


@hottubrf: People who use foreign words when there are perfectly good English equivalents are poseurs.