dealslong life tea set for $9.00


From the site:

This item has been discontinued. Limited quantities are available until stock runs out.

6" diameter Chinese porcelain teapot with four cups and tray.


In addition, while it says "Chinese" porcelain, I believe that the characters are Japanese, not Chinese. If anyone is curious, this company is based in Massachusetts (not Hong Kong or Shanghai), and have been around for quite a while.

It's a very good price for a tea set.


Thank you @shrdlu: This is a very good price. I was going to wait until I got home to order this, but after I saw your post I went ahead and ordered from work. I'm very glad I got one.


@meyerk0: You are wise to order it now. If there's a limited number, it would be sad to go home, and then see it ripped.

You are welcome, by the way. It's always so nice when someone has manners. It really makes me happy. :-D


Am in for. Is good price, for tea set. Even if porcelain not best quality. Get mediocre quality set for thirty-forty anyway.