dealslifetime use for cookbook software & online…


Really? A zillion ways to do this for free, and they want $20? No thanks.


I thought you got a printed book for this price... No? Then it sucks!

Go to Aside from the thousands of recipes they have on their site, you can upload and save your own to your recipe box OR share them on the site.


that's what I was wondering...what recipes can you not get for free on the internet?!


A quick look at the family cookbook site reveals so many security issues that I would not go near it. Passwords are sent unencrypted! Who does that in this day and age?


I used to wonder what the point of having a computer in the kitchen was, but looking up recipe's is a good reason. Anytime I want to make something that I don't know how, I get online and find a variety of recipe's and can pick the one that looks the best. I don't think I'd care for a static book with less variety than the internet is capable of. Then if I find one I like, I can just bookmark it.