dealssecret agent sword for $9.99 + $4.99 flat rate…


What's so secret about a sword with a 27" blade?


More like not-so-secret psycho sword....


I'd be in for one, but my license to kill expired in august.


You won't be a secret for long with this.


BudK merchandise is very poorly made and they do NOT stand behind it. Save your money, this is not a reputable dealer.


Want a display piece, or part of a LARP costume? Then sure, BudK has a few nifty things. If you're planning on whacking zombies, survival, or even cutting back the ivy, then go for something a bit better.


Do I need to be a secret agent to buy this? Or will buying this make me a secret agent?


I actually have had this sword for about 5 years. A friend of mine randomly gave it to me. Just like it says its one giant piece of stainless steel with nylon cording wrapped around the handle. I've never actually used it for anything so I can't attest to it's sturdiness, but it does look cool.

True story: when I got this I absentmindedly just left it propped up against my bed before my pals and I went out. I brought a girl home later that night and she saw this sitting up against my bed, thought I was a psycho, and insisted on leaving. Since then this sword has remained exiled to my closet.


@jonartz: Cool story, bro. Chicks don't dig being hacked into little


Jonartz, I have two little girls. Can I have your unused sword to polish when people like you show up on my porch in a few years? From your story, it might work better than my deer rifle.


@schep999: If you teach them not to hook up with guys they meet at college parties that should be enough to keep people like me at bay. Might wanna grab one of these swords though for people who aren't as respectful of others wishes.


@jonartz: You didn't bring a girl home if you have friends who randomly give you a sword.


I'm a secret agent and do not use a sword of any style. We stopped using swords in 1983. I thought everybody new that.


This sword? is made out of stainless steel which means it is mostly decorative, save your money for something made out of quality high carbon steel that wont shatter as easily.


@mybestuser1: Of course this sword is crap, it is $10. But I just though I would throw in my 2 cents. It is stainless steel, most likely 303 because it is cheap and easy to machine (this is probably stamped though). Being stainless or Corrosion REsistant Steel (CRES as us Engineers say), it will not shatter. It will bend like warm lead, and couldn't hold an edge with a bucket; but it will not shatter. The high carbon content in steel is what can make it shatter. The trick (and expensive part) is using a metal alloy that is flexible (so it won't shatter) and hard (so it can hold an edge). This kind of alloy would be expensive to manufacture and hard/expensive to machine. Bottom line, you want a good blade, spend the money.

All that being said, knowing what it is, I am tempted to pick up a pair of them.