dealsbuy 1 carton of beer and get 10 shares of company…


According to the prospectus: There are 90,000,000 common shares in issue and Eligible Applicants may be issued 10,000,000 shares under the promotion. All in all there will be 100,000,000 shares when finished.

Also, each single applicant can have a maximum of 500 shares.


Aussies only.... well screw that, I would have bought some beer but I'd want some shares too dang it!


the description makes it seem like they're struggling, but they just officially started selling this beer, in late January 2011. The owner made it so the company will never be owned by a foreign entity unlike their other Aussie favorite beers which are foreign-owned.
good luck with that.
and uh.. someone let them know there's a typo in their homepage title bar at