deals7 pairs of victoria's secret panties for $26.00


@jeshuaenriquez: Is @ohcheri's issue that these victoria secret deals aren't getting the same treatment hers do? As much as I agree with her I'm still buying these for my wife :-) she loves these almost as much as I do.

And if the last deal was deleted then someone noticed the problem and fixed it and this should be tattled on. If it just got tagged and removed as @ohcheri's do then it still needs to be tattled on. :-)


Why does everyone hate underwear?


I never meant you shouldn't buy this underwear is - all underwear is great! I was simply expressing support for the plight of @ohcheri in a relevant space


@jeshuaenriquez: This is not a relevant space. This has nothing to do with her or her deals. Go be a fan boy someplace else


Until @ohcheri is free to express her great lingerie deals with the equal treatment of all other Woot deal posters, no one is truly free. They can take our nighties and stockings and thongs! But they cannot take our FREEEEEEDOM!