dealscolumbia best pictures collection for $67.99


Oh this is great! Lots of excellent movies. I wonder if you could use your Barnes and Noble member discount for this?

edit: never mind I see that you can and it brings the price down to $61.19. And there is free shipping. And you can use the Store Coupon 500881 and/or Online Coupon L7N8B7U for 10% off.


Why is this tagged with blu-ray? As far as I can tell, it's not available on blu-ray...


Does anyone know if Lawrence of Arabia is on one disc or two?


Lawrence of Arabia is on two discs.

I'm concerned that it has a two star rating with 36 reviews. I can't find any written reviews, so I can't tell if there's something specific about the set that isn't any good, or if 36 people were really disappointed that these movies were not up to their typical Michael Bay fare.

Still, I can't imagine any problem not being worth it with this. The movies come in at about $6 per, and these are all classics.


Looks like a good deal, especially if you're a fan of these films. If it was BR, I might bite.

@stark: You can find a few reviews on Amazon if you'd like.


@theendless: He's doing it on a lot of the posts. Tricky tricky.


just make sure when you go to mr. rebates, you clip the "refid" off the url.


Deal is dead. Says $115.59 Online Price
(Save 15%)
$104.03 Member price