dealsknitnut by jl crochet boob hat for $9.99


I want to buy this for my friend's baby, but I also don't want his wife to utterly hate me either. Tough decision.


LOL I saw this pic on the main woot site and was like wft that looks like a boob so clicky clicky and it is a boob kinda :P Nice find.


Buy two for a matched set... cheaper than the crocheted bikini top offered last week!



@jesterfx: So love that idea; 'specially for 2 friends at a time, wearing them together perhaps at the park sitting on a bench, heads tilted back... LMAO XD


Looks more like a sock for your boob than a hat for your head.


@dnlkolender: I was thinking more like the baseball game. If you had 6 people with you in a row you could try all the colors.