dealscraftsman lithium drill driver for $69.99 + free…


Good drill. Probably not the best for someone who's using it professionally or semi-professionally, but for the average do-it-yourself type person, it works great and holds a good charge.


I used one of these to finish my basement. This included framing in walls for 3 rooms and 3 closets and putting up all the drywall.

It is still going strong and the battery still gives me the same charge as when I started.


This battery IS compatible with the rest of the Craftsman 19.2V gear. Had the set for several years. Best tool investment I've ever made.

(My only caution is to make sure you store your batteries indoors when the weather gets cold. You can kill the NiCd batteries with cold...not sure how the new Lithium batteries handle cold.)


@i1patrick: Li-ion batteries handle hold just fine, they're actually recommended for use in cold outdoor applications where good charge is must. My outdoor weather sensors use 'em.