deals$50 off any clearance camera $75 or more (in…


@mstrblueskys: It's a camera short enough to fit under an overpass. Though in this case, it might be referring to slow-selling cameras that Staples is trying to get rid of (or "clear out") to make room for the new models. But I can't be sure, you might want to call them.


@mstrblueskys: Clearance is not the angel trying to earn his wings in "It's a Wonderful Life"
Bought a "clearance" camera from Staples in the past and cameras on clearance will be marked with a sign that indicates that. I got a very good deal on the one I bought, it was marked down then I got additional money off because it was a clearance item.


Got a Canon SX150IS for $49.99 today. THANKS WOOT!


@bsnyder1: I just did the same thing. All they had left was the display model so I got an additional 5% off. Ended up being $47.64 with 7% sales tax in NJ. Sure beats the hell out of paying $118 on Amazon!


Used the coupon to buy a Nikon Coolpix820 regularly priced $229, marked down on clearance to $179, minus $50 coupon = $129.

Thanks for the heads up on the coupon. very happy!


RIP - I believe this coupon expired 9/2. I think that's what the coupon I got last week said. Either way, it's no longer on Staples' coupon page. Too bad, would have been a nice deal if I caught it sooner.