dealsfree 3" birchwood casey targets for $0.00 + free…


The stickers are nice to put on targets you've already used to cover the holes, and get more mileage out of the target. I have some of these, and they show up nice outside or at an indoor range. Though, mailing labels or any other kind of sticker works too...


I got an order confirmation email but it didn't say anything about replying to it. I used Paypal to pay the 1 cent and also got an automated email from Paypal about the order. I guess I'll wait and see if I get another email or not.


Note that the Website states that you must reply to the order confirmation email even though the email is supposedly a "confirmation" of your order. It would appear that your order will not ship until have you replied. They suggest to reply with just the word "confirmed".


Just ordered mine. They don't even ask for a credit card like some free offers.

Nice find!


Also, free - printing out a target from a computer...

Was gonna get these, but they seem to be just stickers? Not what I was hoping for.. :(