dealsthe last starfighter (25th anniversary edition…


You may want to look into getting the older non-special edition version. For this edition the effects have been re-done in very bad cgi (a la mid 90's flight sim.) It sticks out like a sore thumb and it gives it a very disjointed feel. It steals the campiness that made this movie the classic hit that it was.



No I don't believe they redid the original CGI for this edition. This edition was released at the same time as the blu ray and I think benefited from whatever post processing clean up was done to make the blue ray cleaner but that's it. Yes the CGI effects are pretty terrible by today's standards but were done on a Cray back in 83.


@dah99: Exactly. I have a period magazine article with some images from the film. They used hours of time on the fastest computer available to produce images that can now be done in real-time on your cellphone. Makes me feel kind of old.


@dah99: Right - this was the first major movie to ever have CGI scenes in it.

It's a classic - CGI warts and all.


Robert Preston did an incredible job in this flick (one of his last). He is sort of the intergalactic version of Harold Hill (self described by Preston). When you watch it keep in mind he was 82 when it was filmed.


@tsfisch: Well, it kind of depends on how you define it. This movie was the "first use of 'integrated CGI' where the effects are supposed to represent real world objects."*

Tron came out two years before and I'd say it had full CGI scenes, but nothing resembling "real world".