dealshoover windtunnel t bagless upright vacuum…


I had a Hoover WindTunnel for a couple of years and was disappointed in it. It gave off so much dust during normal usage it was hardly worth it and emptying the container and cleaning filters was just ridiculous with dust all over the place. The newer models may be better.
I now have a Dyson (from Woot) and there's a world of difference between the 2 (a big difference in price too though).


@distancekid316: The title claims it is (Factory Refurb)


I had one of these too but I did not have a problem with it blowing out dust. Mine kept everything contained and I was impressed by how much it was able to pick up. I was sharing a house with 3 other guys in college and I was the responsible one, they bought crappy vacuum after crappy vacuum. I bought this one and it lasted the last year I was there without any issues. If I had room I would have taken it home with me when I moved out. This is a good deal.


I bought a similar version a few years ago (The Red 1) as a refurb & it's still going strong. For the price, you can't beat it & if I had to dream up a minor complaint would be it's a bit heavy/bulky & that is easily overlooked due to the amount spent.


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I bought a brand new Eureka bagless at Lowe's a few months ago and so far, we love it. And (at the time) it was only about $50.
The filters are 18 bucks a pop and need to be replaced a few times a year if you vacuum often (we have almost no carpet in our house).
I would say shop around and check out other vacuums.
This may be a decent deal, but based on wooter comments, it definitely should not be an impulse buy.


Tempted to get one of these since our Dyson has basically just started falling apart (we got our money's worth out of it though).


I hate it when vaccum cleaners t bag me. Good thing this one is T bagless.


The wife was just complaining the other day that her old Hoover is on its last legs (it is about 10 years old now - whaddya expect?). She left today for two weeks . . . guess what'll be waiting for her when she gets back (I hope)? Thanks Woot!