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I am loving these $.99 Big Music Boxes!!!


@andydoug: Me, too! I have to buy every one!


Hey folks--in case you didn't see my other deal listing, I noticed after posting this Mahler Box deal that The Bach Guild actually had several of their Big Box sets on sale for $0.99.

The other deal listing is here:

Spread the news! It has never been easier to get into classical music—drop a buck, listen in the background, and you'll be a convert.


Utah makes up a good portion of the recordings, with Vienna taking up most of the rest. Utah is very mediocre as far as orchestras go. Vienna isn't bad but they just don't have a style that really captures Mahler. It's a good deal if you're looking for something to listen to, but if you really want the good stuff look for recordings from Cleveland with George Szell or Lorin Mazell conducting.


@kermodebear: Thanks for the suggestions. It is amazing how vastly improved a great orchestra's interpretation of a symphony can be to a lesser orchestra's; I went from a mediocre Schubert cycle to Harnoncourt last weekend, and it blew my mind.

One note is that Amazon does not appear to have either Szell or Mazell cycles, in either mp3 or CD format. As far as I can tell, the Big Mahler Box is the only complete mp3 cycle on Amazon.

As a Mahler newbie, and with few affordable Mahler cycles on Amazon, I found the Utah set to be more than sufficient. I'm more than happy with the sound quality and the performances, although I am sure I will feel differently once I get my hands on one of the better cycles.