dealsribbon trim honeymoon lingerie for $30.95


It's not on sale and it's not that great of a price.... I came here looking for deals not lingerie models. If I wanted to look at them I'd be at At least post something that is a deal or savings not regular friggen price /endrant


@sirnasty: Just putting it out there that the Oh Cheri people have an account here and do post actual deals on a daily basis, and they're pretty good, too.


Thank you - this is our first lead on where my missing sister has been since she left home. Although not what we had hoped for....


@thefowles1: @sirnasty I just put this on sale :-)

@kevinb93 If you already purchased this at full price, let me know and I'll refund the difference.


@ohcheri: If I had a lady to spend money on, you probably would have made a loyal customer from that response.
But alas, the loyalty will have to wait until the need arises.