dealspre-owned 40 gb ps3 bundle with 5 games for $229…


No, no, no. An ancient PS3 with a few crappy $5 games? No thanks, GS!

Well, at least it has BadCo 2, but that's the only game worth a rat's rump in the lot.


Lost me at the "not backwards compatible with Playstation 2".


Minus 1 for including a game they couldn't sell. Duke Nukem.


You can get a new one for cheaper than that when it is on sale, and none of the games are particularly expensive enough to justify the price. Not a deal.


Black friday I just got a 250gb system with 5 games charging dock and headset for less. new.


@brashattack: It would be a steal if this was the 60 GB one. :(

k87 k87

I would not buy a used console from this generation unless it was a bargain-basement price -- and this is only a few bucks less than a brand new console.