dealssave 55% on pillowtex latex foam mattress toppers…


Don't know if it works or not. Something to consider with latex toppers is if it's Talalay or Dunlop (Talalay is better). If the code works though, 75 bucks for a queen is a decent deal, though it is only 1.2 inches thick it seems. I have a 2 inch topper, and I'd consider that to be the minimum for latex due to the springy "give" that it has. I got my Talalay from Overstock a while back for $125. Best 125 I've spent in recent memory. Even if you don't get this deal, get a latex foam pad, feels more pillowy and is more supportive than memory foam. I can actually feel my back stretch back out after a long day when I lay down on mine.


When you try to apply the code to any of the latex toppers that the link brings you to, the page states "Coupon code woot50 only applies to certain store items. None of these items are in your shopping basket."

This is not a valid deal, it should be taken down.

vote-for5vote-against Team Here - We went in and fixed the Coupon Code. Woot50 now takes 55% off your order to make up for the code not working properly for shoppers early this morning. Have a Great Shopping Day!


It's been a few weeks since putting these on my beds and the chemical smell is still very bad!