- coupon frenzy! get up to 20% off…


Honestly, this was the best way to post all the Newegg deals. Versus random item by item.


20% off home audio speakers, but only 10% of computer speakers? What a double-standard.


Had my fingers crossed for video cards, no dice.


Newegg had a great sale last weekend for DIY computer building. GPUs, CPUs, mobos, HDDs, optical drives, monitors all got discounts. My buddy knocked a little over 12% off his entire purchase by the time he ordered a brand new computer piece by piece.

This is really a great follow-up sale to that. People who bought last weekend can find everything else they'd want or need from this weekend's sale


You can add another 4.2% savings on top of your order through They have a ton of stores you can get more cash back from besides Newegg like Best Buy,, Staples, Wal Mart, Target, Home Depot, Dell, etc. They don't have Amazon and they just dropped eBay which is disappointing because I must of spent a fortune there and got lots of cash back from them. I guess I abused it and they dropped it. Oh well, there's still plenty of stores I can buy from and get cash back on.