dealsroku lt streaming player for $39.00 + freeā€¦


Best purchase I have made to date. This is the lite version of the Roku 2, without the motion sensing controller. I have one of these upstairs in our bedroom. I cannot recommend a Roku box enough.


Can anyone vouch for the free (non-subscription) content available through Roku? I've read the manufacturer's product description, but several reviews refer to this as simply a content vending machine that usually requires subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu+, HBOGO, etc.) for anything good. How useful is a Roku without buying into any other subscriptions?


@thegooseisblue: Not very.

Without a subscription you will have no access to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, or other paid services. You will be able to find a few random Roku channels and Crackle which has some free Sony movies/shows. Amazon Prime also offers a few free options but most are still ppv. HBOGo from my understanding even requires you to have an HBO subscription through a cable company, even more pointless.


@thegooseisblue: I agree with @Deachemist08. Outside of Crackle (which isn't very good), the free pickings are slim. The only free "channel" I use with any regularity is Pandora for music.

But I still think I'm getting my money's worth. I don't have cable anymore, and find that there's plenty to watch between Netflix and Hulu+. And if I really want to watch something neither service has, I can often rent it via Amazon.


Roku also has a Plex app that plays anything on your Plex Server.


Amazon just announced a Roku channel that allows you to play music stored in their Cloud. If you buy MP3 music from Amazon, they store all your purchases at no charge. You do have to sign up for this service, it's not automatic unless you have an account.

EDIT: For more info:


@jussairish: Which works swimmingly, I might add. (Speaking from experience)


@tbgolladay: I use the Amazon cloud channel, and even purchased more space. There is also a Google Music channel now.


@tbgolladay: Doesn't work with my Roku XD I got off Woot! last year. Newer models only. :(


Roku also has a PlayOn app, allowing you to use it to live stream almost anything from your computer to your TV (through PlayOn plugins). The computer software does cost money though.

It's still an amazing bargain if you have a good internet connection and a computer new enough to handle the load. It can work well with live sports and such.