dealsblue diamond almonds buy one, get one of the sameā€¦


If it was a 2 per flavor limit earlier, it's only allowing me 1 of each flavor now...


If you're buying a ton of this almonds, and/or other items use this coupon code to get 15% off your online order. Also, don't forget free shipping for orders of $25.


I dislike they don't include the milk in this sale:-(


I love almonds. I dislike how expensive they can be. I find this perfectly acceptable.


I only like 2 flavors, so $7.58. You can only buy 2 cans. Shipping is $5.49.


These are some of the best tasting almonds you can find, and this deal is pretty much as good as I've seen. Huge hits at my house have been:
Bold Habanero BBQ
Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce
Bold Jalapeno Smokehouse

In that order. Delightful. Just try not to eat the whole can in one sitting!


I got this last time, worth it. Liked every flavor. Did not get the Wasabi though.