dealsblue diamond almonds buy one, get one of the same…


I got this last time, worth it. Liked every flavor. Did not get the Wasabi though.


These are some of the best tasting almonds you can find, and this deal is pretty much as good as I've seen. Huge hits at my house have been:
Bold Habanero BBQ
Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce
Bold Jalapeno Smokehouse

In that order. Delightful. Just try not to eat the whole can in one sitting!


I only like 2 flavors, so $7.58. You can only buy 2 cans. Shipping is $5.49.


I love almonds. I dislike how expensive they can be. I find this perfectly acceptable.


I dislike they don't include the milk in this sale:-(


If you're buying a ton of this almonds, and/or other items use this coupon code to get 15% off your online order. Also, don't forget free shipping for orders of $25.


If it was a 2 per flavor limit earlier, it's only allowing me 1 of each flavor now...