dealsbuy one pair of glasses, get one free


I used to buy glasses from here all the time with no issue. For some reason they stopped carrying the size I need, e.g. fat head sized. Their search scale goes up to 150mm but they never have that anymore. Otherwise, they were always fine to deal with. Although the metal coatings always seem to wear off pretty quickly where they touch skin and turn it green. But for the price, you throw them away and get another pair.


I've bought three pairs of glasses from Eye Buy Direct. The first pair I wore exclusively for two years with no problems. The coating finally wore off the lens in large patches and that's why I quit wearing them and switched to my back up pair which I'm wearing now. As the other user said, the finish on the frame did start to flake off a bit after a while... but I they never turned my skin green.

Eye buy direct is the only online eyeglass retailer that can fill my difficult prescription.

My script would be over $400 from your typical brick and mortar and it's $120 from these guys (I have to have the super thin lenses = $$). A good value for 2 years worth of wear.


I should note that this coupon is only good for frames, any additions (such as different indexes and coatings, required for some scripts) are NOT included.

It's not Buy one Get one on a pair, but Buy one Get one on frames. Basic 1.5 index lenses are included.