dealsduracell aa batteries (40-pack) for $10.95


Bought these last time the deal was up. They ship in a plain brown box and not in regular packaging. They also will charge $3.99 for each order quantity. So 3 orders for 120 batteries with $11.98 shipping. Still a great deal. Make sure you get them. The expiration date on my was 2019.


They said 40 pack and sent only 20 in bulk package. I called them and they said there is a mistake and they will send me rest of them. It has been 2 months and i haven't received anything from them. If i were you i wouldn't buy anything from them. 20 batteries cost me $15 dollars which is staples gives free sometimes. I am a very good buyer from these kind of websites. Only regret i have is buying battery from them.


Do NOT buy from this company. ZERO communication if you have a problem and the bait and switch what they send you.


I bought these last time and got worried after reading some of the comments. This was my 2nd purchase from Midnight Box. I did not have a problem with either purchase. I have read many of the negative reviews but so far, for me, so good. All 40 of my batteries arrived in a plain brown box. I can't remember the expiration date but remember that I noted it was far off enough for me not to be worried about.


I also bought this deal last time it was up. Batteries came in brown box and all batteries were loose just bouncing around in box AND ALL BATTERIES WERE EXPIRED. Price was alright, but expired batteries is bad business.


I purchased bulk batteries from this company once before. I received a random shipping box with loose batteries in it. Many of them were dead... I would avoid this particular site.


Have never bought from this site so thanks for letting us know about your bad experience,looks like I never will.