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Or you could download a virtual printer like PrimoPDF and convert anything to a pdf file...why would anyone want to pay for this?


I'm really keen on CutePDF. Company has been around for YEARS, always solid.

Download for free @


I 2nd Primo PDF. Used it for years in a business setting sending quotes to customers. Completely free.


I use doPDF7 or something, you just go to print and select it as your printer. Its 100% free and works perfectly every single time i've used it (probally about 100 a month for work related documents)


Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 both include a PDF converter as part of the standard package.

I do use CutePDF myself for Web pages and the like, but I don't really see a need for software just for Excel.

However, if you need more tools than just converting to PDF--like merging several files into a single PDF document or setting security on the PDF (like removing the ability to copy content easily), the freebies won't do that.