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Using one right now -- the one with the design I can't seem to find the name of. But that's not important.

Down to it:

Ghosting is somewhat of an issue (I type "WHAT" a lot and the T and A are swapped most of the time), and the feet broke off pretty quickly (no bother; I prefer keyboards flat to the desk anyway).

It's a really effective and cheap (price, not quality) keyboard. Types fairly quietly, keys have a nice responsive depression, and it has a numpad and media buttons while keeping to a quite reasonable size. Battery has lasted me for a few months so far without needing a change. And the receiver, while being able to also pair with up to 4 other wireless Logitech devices (which has worked beautifully, might I add), is a nano receiver. Itty bitty space saver.

Reviews appear to be universally highly recommended. I also recommend it, but gamers may want to think twice.


By the way, did you mean to type "Amazoo"? ;)


@darkinc: That's... so bizarre. Did they do that on purpose?


@thefowles1: I like to think they did it just for me so I can be unique when directing ppl to amazoo :)