dealssmartykat - beauty channel groom tunnel for $7.99


good deal. It's a lot more on amazon.

although I have to say the birdie toy you posted a couple weeks ago did not impress kitty.


@luke975: Did you get one of the birdy toys? I wondered about them. Camry likes some things that surprise me, and doesn't like some that I thought she would. I just ordered one of the Petstages Nighttime Flicker & Fly Firefly Jar and hope she likes it as much as she likes laser lights. It's a crapshoot, I guess.


Says it's sold out, but the measurements confused me:
"Measures 1-1/2-Inch length by 9-3/4-Inch width by 10-3/4-Inch height"
That's an itty bitty kitty!


@belyndag: yeah I got a birdie toy. me and the wife pay more attention to it than the cat does. kittys more concerned with where to sleep.


@havocsback: Our cat is average in size and the tunnel is just the right size. It's not made to be big and spacious, as the intent is for them to rub against the walls to shed the loose fur. When I left my house Camry was peeking out at me from inside her tunnel.