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I never thought I'd see the day. @Snapster's staff badge is really and truly gone. Whoa.

I guess somehow I thought they'd leave it there. There ought to be a special Former CEO badge (like a volunteer staff badge, only just one of a kind). Jeeze, something. It's just too strange to see it.


@jallenza: Woot wasn't Seattle-based until two years ago when it was purchased by Amazon.


I discovered this yesterday for those who haven't seen it. The raw footage of Snapster's "21 Monkey Salute"

Thanks for the great family of sites Snapster!


@shrdlu: (I replied to that right after you posted it.. apparently I never hit send heh.. I've gotten into a pretty bad habit of that, not sure why.)

I'm with you though, there should be an Ex-CEO badge or at least some kind of "Hey, I founded this place." badge of arbitrary shape and color.. The lone triangle really does seem a little weird (although, the fact that it's *only* purple is kinda funny).
Maybe we could just frame the triangle? Put a fancy straight-black-line boarder around it. An "honorary" black triangle heh