dealsthanks for all the fish for $15.00 + free shipping


@snapster If I had wings, you would be the wind beneath them. However, as I am neither avian nor pterodactylian in nature, and most certainly not angelic, I hope you will settle for being the wind betwixt my cheeks. And I say that with the utmost love and respect possible. Good luck to you.


@snapster: Thanks for everything and good luck. May the heavens shower you with random bags of crap.


Well...I hope you're proud of yourself! You've gone and made an old lady cry...these are very real tears falling on the turtle of my Slow Death woot shirt. :-( If this IS an epic prank I congratulate you as I have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.

I'm going to go take a nap now and hope that I will wake to find this was just a very bad dream...

If not, best of luck Kiddo!! You have done an AMAZING job and you WILL be missed...



Thanks for the unique & fun site that seemed to care about its employees and customers. Hoping your next adventure will be fulfilling and exciting.


You guys need to give Matt a 21 monkey salute as he leaves today. You know, get up on the roof and fire them over his head in show of respect and solidarity. Either that or get EVERY employee on the roof and pelt him with a shower of monkeys.

Either way, this is a sad day for the world of woot.


Adios, @snapster, from your fishy friend.

See you under the sea. :-}


@snapster: Thanks for all that is Woot Wonderfulness, and good luck to you in your future endeavors. You and the other minions have made this my favorite place to visit every day.


@okham: Sorry I'm late. Things are crazy busy at work and me packing for my vacation this weekend. I'd rally the posse but I'm sure they've all got around to upvoting this deal.

That being said, I'm terrible with words and typing them into sentences but I'd love to thank @snapster for creating such a great site for all of us to congregate. I wish I could have been around for the more random times, but this last year has been a lot of fun for me around here. I'm eager to see what you have planned for the future. Also, Thanks for always making time to come down and personally address more concerns in the DW.Community, (More than I'd expect from anywhere else at least) and know that you will be greatly missed by all of us.

I wonder if Mortimer and Monte will have a nice farewell song for him, @matthew?


@snapster: So does this mean you will be fighting with us to get the bags of crap? Or does this mean you will be completely disappear?


@wingnutzero: Careful with that comment, things might start to smell.


In before "Woot has sucked since June 15, 2012".


wow! thanks for all the great-ness! you will be missed.


@llandar: Perhaps so. :( For now, the line "But February made me shiver" still applies.


The fact that Deals.WOOT exists is a testament to what @snapster has helped accomplish. Remember when Woot was the ONLY deal-a-day site? Thanks for that! Good bye and good luck sir!


Thank you for creating a world that I have happily lived in for the last 7 years!

I have enjoyed all the friends I made here. Some of who have become real life friends, not just internet friends.

I have slept better at night, knowing that the leak frog will watch over the toilet when it is making a strange noise.

My kids and their friends roll their eyes at the woot shrines around the house...the robosapian, the monkeys, the woot off lights on the tv. Yet they are the first ones to check out if there is anything good in the boc. They all have endless woot shirts.

You had an idea and ran with it. You took all your friends along for the ride. That is special.

You changed my life in ways you will never know. I never imagined so much of my life would revolve around a web site.

Thank you.

I hope you find happiness in what ever you do next!


Holey Carp! Matt, much success on your life post-Woot era, just know you shall be missed.


gonna miss you @snapster :(

hope for your success in whatever you do and i hope to join/use whatever it is!


Thanks for all you have created. Woot has brought me, my family (and countless others) untold fun, joy (and sometimes frustration). I look forward to future creations and endeavors that you may be a part of!


End of an era. Sniff-sniff.

All the best @snapster.


Who will be getting custody of Ken Jennings? (both the giant foam headed one, and the smaller bubble-headed one)?

gwp gwp

@gwp: omg. I hadn't thought of that! ~sob~


I was a young artist.

I had no money.

I was hungry.

I had bought a Woot Battery Brick.

I cracked it open, and sold the batteries piecemeal.

I survived that cold winter because of that, and now I am successful.

Thank you Sir Rutledge.


This story has made it out to the tech press:


(with link to Mortimer and Monte singing about the Amazon aquisition


@theflounder: You finally return and no THWACK was issued? Not even for old times' sake?


@snapster: One nice thing about the parent company you brought us into is that they deliver fantastic bookends direct to your office:



Adios, farewell, good-bye, adieu
Buy a hammock and just enjoy the sunshine...then come back here and help stir the pot and rouse the rabble. Remember, the the black-angles club meets behind the Walmart on Wednesday nights! Don't worry about the dues. You've paid yours and then some.


It was a good run. Amaze us all with your next venture, sir.


@snapster: Thank you so much for the years. You actually personally help solve an issue I had once experienced and since that time I have thought you were a great CEO and a great guy. Always spoke highly of you, you are a man of the people and should run for President.


Doh! What the what now? Matt, I hope you leave behind as much as you brought to I can't wait to see what's on your plate next! Well, I can; I have to, but I don't wanna!



@snapster, we will miss you. Don't forget to come and visit us, and keep us informed with what you're up to!

I always enjoyed the fact that Woot and I have the same birthday. This year's will be somewhat bittersweet.

Any news as to who's taking over?


Everyone thank you so much for an amazing send-off here. I was originally thinking I'd post that shirt as an easter egg for someone later to find with a few chuckles and then one thing led to the next and now I'm getting accolades for being a quitter. You are all too generous - the primary thing I'll take credit for during this fun ride was being a good listener. There are so many good ideas and collective wisdom if you allow the potential to listen. I'd say any good company is almost entirely plagiarized from ideas its customers bring to light. Luckily no one keeps track as you collect the best ones. I promise there are still great listeners on the Woot staff. I look forward to joining you in lobbing ideas their general direction.

I told the Dallas team I'd buy them a beer here if they'd agree to send me off - so I'm off for a happy hour shortly!



@snapster: Have a great time and many beers! :)


Wait...I haven't been able to snag a bag o' crap in the many years you have been here and that was the one thing on my bucket list still to go.


@snapster: Buying friendship now. LOL.

j5 j5

So long and thanks for all the Fish!


There should be some kind of override in the Woot-Reputation code that makes @snapster 's triangle permanently black, or some other color that is unreachable by the rest of us mere mortals.

Just an idea...


@dmmutti: one of the constant feedback reports to developers of the deals.woot reputational system was "hey this is not a tough enough rating system if my account keeps getting a black triangle" (though I see that even coasting 6 months I'm still purple!)

plus, more importantly, it'd take the fun out of it. Make it harder for all!

thanks for the nice thought though!


Raising a virtual beer.....Happy retirement!


@snapster: I'd say you'll be missed, but hopefully you're just turning in your yellow square for a commoner's triangle. So are you still planning to lurk on the boards? Or is the community going to be -1 @snapster?

And even if you do pop in still, it'll be a little weird to know somebody else is sitting in your big-chair.


You know what, I take that back. Even if you do hang around, you'll be missed as our CEO.

If anybody does try to take your place, they'll have some big (solid-gold, diamond encrusted) shoes to fill.


@snapster: Good luck in your future endeavors! Our wallets may not thank you for bringing Woot into the world, but our hearts do. :) Take care.


@snapster: Thanks for creating on the the most entertaining retailers in history! And thanks for my awesome and awesomely bad bags of crap!