deals20% off apple itunes ibook or app gift cards at…


It may be possible makes me leery...

I think you are right though. I'm going to check with Apple before buying them though if I decide too.

Thanks for the heads up!


I just called the Apple Store and they verified that the iBook and app store gift cards CAN be used for anything in the iTunes store, including music, movies, tv shows, books, apps... Anything. The way it works is that the value of the card is just added to your iTunes store account balance. Good to know, I'm on my way to buy some!


@sultana2782: Awesome, thanks for the confirmation!


If you are still leary for some strange reason, gamestop has $5 off $25 cards (20% discount). As far as I know there is no discount on the $50 ones but if you want $50 in itunes, just buy two.