dealsleft 4 dead 2 on steam 75% off for $4.99


Hey, I like zombies! But my PC does not like them specs. : (


You can get Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 as a bundle for $7.49 too, so if you haven't played either and are looking to buy one or the other, I'd suggest just getting the bundle.


This is going to bring in a lot of noobs unfortunately. Sigh.


We were all noobs at one point, cool guy


I just paid $9.99 to get Left for Dead 2 on the "Summer Sale"
What the crap is this!?


yea same here I want them to refund 5 dollars I paid extra


Great game, my oldest just loves it. If you'll watch for the midweek madness sales you can get killer AAA games like this virtually every week for these kind of crazy cheap prices. I got a good $300 worth of games on the recent Steam sale for less than $55 with ALL the DLC, you just can't beat Steam!


As I say every time a sale comes up on L4D, this is possibly /the/ best teamwork oriented game out there. The single player campaign is fun, but the real heart of the game is in multiplayer versus. A team of really good players that don't coordinate can actually be beaten by worse players with some good teamwork.

Just, please, play through all of the campaigns on co-op/single player at least once before going into multiplayer. If you make a mistake it doesn't just punish you, it destroys your entire team.


I love this game, haven't found any game out there I enjoy as much. If you get bored with the campaigns, you can download some good user-created ones here


@caffeine_dude: Glad you mentioned the specs. I have 2.0 Ghz, it requires 3.0