dealsthe west wing: the complete series collection for…


One of the best television shows ever.


Definitely one of the best shows ever, if not the best.

Question is: $112 for DVDs is a lot of money, especially if high res Blu-Rays will be released. Anyone know?


Great show, especially seasons 1-4 and everything after the debate episode in season 7. I wasn't a huge fan of the "not Aaron Sorkin" seasons, but, even with the flaws, it was better than anything else I found on television at the time. And, after a recent rewatch, I was surprised to see that the show still holds up very well.


I know that it cost my family $180 for the set a couple years ago.


This is a great price for this set. You can get it for $10-20 less on eBay. However I made that mistake and wound up with a damaged box set and a seller who led me on until it was too late for me to leave negative feedback. Wish I had spent the extra $$$ and bought from Amazon.


For what it's worth the West Wing is available on Amazon Instant Video in "HD" but whether it's true HD or just crappy upscaling, I'm not sure.

For most TV shows Blu-Ray releases will only be a realistic possibility if they were shot on FILM rather than video tape. Seinfeld and Friends were shot on film and thus the true HD broadcasts.

Also, many studios are infuriatingly stupid with Blu-ray releases. 30 Rock still isn't available on Blu-ray, for instance, and the DVD versions of that show are simply of abysmal video quality compared to the HD versions. For it being a modern, still running show, it's inexcusable. Much like many other shows being ignored for blu-ray release.

So, even if it is possible to have a good Blu-Ray release, it doesn't mean the idiot studios will be doing it any time soon.


@drummingcraig: Careful w ebay. Lots of counterfeit. My bro-in-law got me the set and while everything looked pretty good, a few discs had playing errors causing the player to freeze up.


@masshuum: If the Amazon streaming is part of the free Prime, I'll give it a try just to see. I have all the seasons on their individual DVD seasons, but this was such a phenomenal show, that's I'd like to have this collectors box.

The show was shot on 35mm film, so they CAN produce very high quality full HD blu-rays is they want to make money. It's kind of amazing that something which would sell like hotcakes isn't even on their radar, or at least doesn't appear to be.

I'll probably jump on this just because.... I want it :)

I was thinking of buying it from one of the other Amazon marketplace vendors because it's a few bucks cheaper but more importantly, I can avoid paying the almost 9% sales tax...


The price is currently $96.89 on Amazon.


Thanks for the update. I'm going to pull the trigger. Still hope this comes out on blu-ray one of these days, but I'll be happy to have this in my library.