dealsblack wii bundle for $88.00


Has anyone ever actually heard of this company before? I am a bit worried that they can offer this at the price it is, considering it is a factory refurb like so many others. Also, if the games it comes with don't work, wouldn't that indicate a bigger problem?

I do like the price, but I just want to be sure it is a good deal and I won't be ripped off. That, and the Wii seems to be the only thing they are actually selling. The only other is an Xbox, and for that you have to contact them personally.


It's $88 + $15 shipping = $103...

You can buy a brand new Wii with Mario Kart from Amazon for $134.


@bakntime: And don't forget, that includes free shipping on Amazon. Plus, like @ecue mentioned, a warranty.


Like almost everything electronic I will buy this from or at the store they have it for $124.

But they double the warranty. Which means I tape my receipt to the side of everything I buy at Costco. They even took back a vacuum that broke after two years. I actually said just give me half my money back, I own two dogs for gods sake. Nothing doing all my dough was credit to my account.

Oh I also know they exist, thats got to be worth something! Just getting too old to spend days saving $20.


if you go to the Xboxs for sale it says the starting price is $00.00 =] i was going to get one but they don't have any lol


I would NOT buy from this site. It apears to be a Vender who fixes broken ones and sends them out. Those parts that broke can easily break again. The email is a Psomething-repair. So almost full price for a refurb is no deal.


@ecue these wiis come with a 90 day warranty. Its the 2 free games that arent covered by warranty.

PGR has not opened or worked on these wiis. thats why they are factory refurbished wiis, not PGR refurbished wiis.

Also, the website is still under contruction as indicated on many of the parts and console sections.