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I use these torches for soft soldering parts on musical instruments. The fuel gauge is EXTREMELY helpful and I make sure it's filled to the top before doing anything that seems like it'll use a bunch of butane. Butane is cheap and these torches are extremely affordable! They sell for ~$33 on amazon (free 2-day shipping via prime membership) and I believe I paid between $25-30 for both of mine. The first one was purchased in 2011 from Amazon and lasted exceptionally until a little over a year later when the fuel button (back round button) stopped producing butane from flowing. I emailed Bonjour and they gave me a % off code to get another one as there's not a warranty, etc. It was cheaper through Amazon again so I purchased another one. After that one came the "non-working" one has been working ever since. So, one is now a toolbox torch (the new one) and the other is the house torch!


what's the difference between this and and a $8 micro butane torch from home depot?


@stephen6789: Home Depot has a $9.97 Bernzomatic Micro Torch with reviews of 2 out of 5 stars (for starters). The Bernzomatic one has a flimsy flame due to the amount of butane (little amount) that it expels at a given time hence going out at the lightest breath. I have a Bernzomatic Micro Torch (same model) and it's a pain in the neck to find a lighter (or other torch) to light it with (if it feels like catching the flame or not). I received the cheaper torch as a gift from the bf (he didn't know better, not his fault ;) ) and it's good for small applications but any gust of air blows it out like a candle. I still keep it around for lighting candles but sometimes turning it upside down to light a wick will even blow out the flame. I have soldered and melted pennies with both the Bernzomatic Micro Torch AND the Bonjour torch with fuel gauge and they both seem to get to the same high temperatures. continuing below


@shakki: Both have flame adjustments (from low to high) however the Bonjour seems to have a larger reservoir to hold more butane and is longer lasting. The length of the flame is MUCH longer on the Bonjour torch than the Bernzomatic and I've used the Bonjour torch to do little things (like making indoor smores) and lighting the propane grill if the spark doesn't "catch". Also the Bernzomatic has a small pull-out stand (reminds me of a kick-stand) that keeps the torch low to the surface. That HAS come in handy with some stuff I've soft-soldered however is easy to tip over. The Bonjour, however, has a REMOVABLE stand on the bottom (plastic but does its job VERY WELL) if you wish to keep the flame lit and it keeps the flame about 4-5" off the surface where the torch is standing. The Bonjour is very easy to light - press down the flat lever (under the round push-button in the back) and push the button in. The spark will ignite the butane. continuing again below


@shakki: On the left side of the Bonjour torch is a horizontal lever to keep the flame on which you can move with your thumb. The right side has flame intensity adjustment and the silver part "barrel" has an adjustment thing so you can adjust the type of flame (it adds air to it or something) which changes it from high intensity flame (torch) to a high flame lighter. As soon as you let go of the "barrel" adjustment piece it has regular flame intensity like before. Originally I got a good deal on a Bonjour torch (ebay!) for like $8 new in box but it didn't have a fuel gauge. That crapped out on me after about a year or two of using it but I'd solder and show people how to melt pennies with that, too. Out of the fuel gauge models, this one has the better reviews and I can attest, personally, that it does hold up well!


@shakki: Thanks for the great review Shakki!

I use it to make creme brulee a lot and love the amount of control over the flame and how everything is ergonomically designed to fit the hands. I also use it to quickly "sear" meat that I have already prepared in the Sous Vide, it's great for that, too!


These work Really well for torching the Nail on your rig but I could swear I ve seen them for wayyyy cheaper.

Either way...this deal is DEAD.