dealshanderpants for $10.95


@mtrlgrl: Thats awesome, I may have found a new halloween costume....


@bkindustries: Wow. This guy has been stalking you, posting the same thing in all your deals. He must be crazy. And he spelled his user name wrong. It should start with "Im", not "Your". And he insists it is supposed to be "Your" it should be spelled "You're". I just hope he doesn't have a gun license.

that should be "if he insists".


@mtrlgrl: lol, yeah it looks like he registered just today and just to complain, he posted it on about 30+ of my latest deals. The 2-3 week quote he has is from the email template I have used to respond to the customers wanting to know how long they have to wait on packages. So he must of been someone who didn't actually read the item description, checkout process, or the order confirmation (all of which state the shipping time is 2-3 weeks) And then got upset when he realized he had to wait so long.

We are trying to remedy the shipping issue though, if sales keep up like this then we will be able to hire out a few more employees and stock more shipping supplies and inventory so we can start shipping far faster.

The Goal is (if sales stay the way they have been) to be able to get 100% of all the orders out within 24-48 hours, which will of course really really help out with everyones opinion on us.


@bkindustries: What I don't get is this: what items do you sell that people have an urgent need for them? I've seen your deals and know the items. Why so much urgency? And I don't mean any disrespect.
I'd rather get a good deal on an item and wait for it than get it right away and pay more. I occasionally order from companies that get stuff from China (you talk about slow!) but the price is so good I'm willing to wait.
I think there is a whole group of very spoiled, impatient people out there.


@mtrlgrl: I understand that, I've gotten stuff from china too (quite often actually) and it can take up to 8-12 weeks some times. I know occasionally someone might be desperate for the machete they ordered (I'm not going to wonder why) but for most of our items I don't know why people get so frazzled over waiting 2-3 weeks for them. I think everyones just been spoiled by companies like or, but realistically getting your items in 1-2 days is just crazy.