dealspeople magazine - 10 for $10


Protip: when trying to determine if a magazine subscription is a good deal, there are two questions you should ask:
Is it a magazine?
Am I a dentist's waiting room?

Also, $10 a year is what's known as "normal price"


@dantose: HUH??? I don't know what all that means??
Yes "People" is a magazine and no I am not in a dentist's waiting room. So????

And People magazine is NOT $10 for 10 issues normally. 12 issue subscription is normally $26.30 and single issue newsstand price is normally $3.99.

Now---does anybody have any experience with this website? Are the reliable?


for clarification this is NOT a one year subscription as dantose indicates. This is for ten ISSUES- People is a weekly magazine, so you are looking at ten weeks.

People doesn't go on sale very often so this isn't a bad deal at all.
The "Best Deal" on People Magazine's own website is for a full year and only discounts it to ~$2/issue.

Thanks OP.


@donslin: I use them for the vast majority of my subscriptions. I use a rebate site that gives me college money and get a 25% rebate. I won't bother saying which site I use since it will just get redacted by a mod.


this is a great offer People magazine never goes on sale! this is 10 issues for $10 - 10 weeks. you can get two and it will be 20 weeks


WARNING: AUTOMATICALLY adds renewal to your order, so disable that unless you want to be renewed after the ten weeks.

Info re Renewal Policy:,default,pg.html#automatic-renewal

Location in your Account Subscriptions section where you can change renewal method to MANUAL.


Are you the official account for
It appeared to me as though the offer specifically excluded people from ordering multiple subscriptions under this offer...was I incorrect?

"Only 1,000 subscriptions available. One per customer. Multiple orders can be given as gifts to different recipients at different addresses"

How would I go about adding a second order and having them be one continuous subsciption to the same name/address?



Yes. Sorry I mis-read the rules. one per customer and you can give as a gift. I thought you could purchase 2 which would continue but again its only one per person. Maybe next time!


@deswanson you are correct about auto renewal. however we try to communicate this every step of the way. you can always call our call center and disable the auto renew.