dealsben's outlet - led credit card light! for $0.99…


Boo and Hiss. Gimmicky crap. I got one of these a while back, not even worth $.99 unless you are a battery scavenger. Light is too dim to do anything useful, cheap plastic construction breaks easily.


@zippy the pinhead: Gotta disagree with you on this one, Zip. I love these things, although I've noticed a bit of quality difference from seller to seller. I keep a couple in every room of the house, where they're great little emergency lights when the power goes out. You'd need to have really good eyes to read by them, but a few scattered around an otherwise dark room provide enough light to navigate safely through the house.

When we have guests, I leave one on the bathroom counter top as a sort of night light, enabling guests to find the light switch easily.

Last year I stuck a pretty holiday sticker on a bunch of them and gave them to the 20+ members of my work-unit team as stocking stuffers.

All in all, I think they're a great deal (Meritline sells them frequently), especially for uses I've noted above.


@zippy the pinhead:
It's no good for a battery scavenger that has any shopping sense.

Batteries can be bought for far cheaper on eBay and many websites.


Avoid this company!!! They take your money, say they'll fill your order, and then renig. Totally unreliable!!!


I have this product from another seller, it works just fine. No comment on the website though.