dealsmelting clock for $5.99 + free shipping


Dont see the free shipping option


whole site is FS for a limited time... no code needed. I just bought one of these clocks for $10 a couple days ago.


it is there you dont have to click the option just finish the order and double check that its 5 bucks.


Just got this for my girlfriend's Xmas package, she's wanted one for her office, $6.29 with sales tax.


damn. just bought it and received it today from amazon for $12.03

btw the ticking is rather loud. not sure if it's on purpose. "to drive you insane"


For this price and free shipping, you cant buy too many of these.


I really really want to buy stuff from ThinkGeek but even at the sale price some items are and the free shipping, it just feels cheesy, not as fun as it use to be.


Ordered a couple of these for gifts for "artsy" friends. I think Salvador Dali would have liked the cheesiness of it. :)


In for one! As a Christmas gift for my artsy grandma...


@acousticfish: After you click "Go to Checkout," the top right will show the order summary with the "free Economy Shipping" promotion subtracted. I actually had to change to a different shipping method and back to economy to apply it to my whole order, for some reason....


DANG IT! Totally paid a lot more for this a few days ago!


@etherium: Agreed. But I bet he wouldn't appreciate the lack of royalties.


Been wanting one of these for a long while and have seen prices continue to drop so just kept holding off. This, with the free shipping, is the best price I've seen them yet. Took me a few extra minutes to order just because I was trying to find excuses to order more than 1 lol.


@jesterfx: Ditto! I have almost pulled the trigger on this at a higher cost several times, but just couldn't let myself do it. I wish I could think of someone around here who would appreciate one of these as a gift, but no one has come to mind, dang it!


Does anybody have any experience with the average shipping times from Think Geek?


In for 1. Will look great on the FIL's desk.


@evawheel: I've only ordered from them durring the holiday season but they tend to be quick. My recent orders all came from Ohio