dealsstaples 8.5" x 11" copy paper, 5-ream case for $0…


Coupon says: "You pay $24.99 - $4.98 with coupon - $20 after rewards = 1¢"

Does anybody know if "$20 after rewards" is in the form of a rebate? Or is it like a credit that you have to spend later?


It is part of the Staples Rewards program. You present your rewards card and the $20 will be issued as a reward and can be used in store or online.


I don't do Staples! Sick and tired of their "rebates" on everything! Menards Home supply is about as bad! Nixon started this crap with his "wage and price freeze" in the 70's and the car companies came back with a higher price, but offered rebates after the price freeze was over. They didn't trust the govt after that..............nuthin has changed!!


@davebrik99: Why not? Staples rebates are easy! Go online, enter the receipt code, and you're done. You get something cheap, eventually, and they still make money. What is the problem.

IF you use Staples for office supplies, or are planning on buying something at or over $40 in the near future, and need paper, this is perfect!


If a political leader from 40 years ago is what comes to mind when you think of Staples rebates then you might want to start looking for those discount counseling packages over on Psycho-Woot.


I would never trust these deals from staples. A few times, I ordered things, received a confirmation email but then mysteriously my order would disappear. Stay from the staple deals!


Stay away from Staples deals? Is that your recommendation based on your experience? In all the many years I have dealt with Staples, never once have I had such a problem. It would have been better if you had said, "I will stay away from Staples deals" and not tell others to do it. It has the same effect overall.


I have a house full of Staples deals. I have never had a problem with a 100% Back in Rewards or an Easy Rebate and their 1¢ deals for back to school, can't be beaten.


you don't even have to logon and "apply" for the rebate. It comes as a Staples Rewards check. I did a similar offer in past. Worked like a charm. I now have years and years of paper for $0.01, go for it.


I am confused. Do you get a rebate check for $20, or do you get store credit for $20?


I spend quite a bit at Staples and have never had a problem with their rebates or rewards.


@matthewjbrenner: It's a store credit. They do have a good rebate program, too, where you get actual cash back (I get mine deposited in my paypal account), but this one is a store credit. If it says rebate with rewards, it's a store credit. If it says rebate, it generally means you get cash back. I hate rebates but love theirs. You go to a website and enter the transaction number and everything pops up for you. You don't have to mail anything or deal with UPCs or anything.


@bobsie... Interesting... You don't want me to give advice based on my experience, but you want to give advice based on yours? Way to be a scrooge... I will never buy from Staples again. My experience dictates that Staples has bad customer service. I would rather pay more money to a competitor than to Staples. To me, Staples doesn't care about honoring their advertisements. I believe Staples is the worst office supply company out there. My experience tells me that often times, I can find cheaper prices elsewhere. I hate Staples.

How's that?