dealsstar trek (2009 two-disc dvd edition) for $3.49…


So, I still haven't seen this one. Should I buy it on blu-ray? Are there enough special effects to justify the price difference? This seems like an amazing price so I'm guessing no...


Read the description. It says this is a digital copy which expired in November. I've never purchased a movie this way, but it appears that the box contains a time sensitive certificate to download a copy of the movie in Apple or Windows format to play on a computer or a device. I'm not sure if this version actually has the movie on the disks. Buyer beware.


@janash: Clearly a "two-disk dvd edition" contains a physical dvd movie...


@janash: It's a 2 disc dvd that also has a digital copy you can download, the download is expired, but you can still watch the dvd's in a dvd player just like any other. They're just normal dvd's.

@joshaw: It's a great movie, and would be a good one to get on blu-ray, but for this price you can't go wrong with the dvd


AND you get a $4 Amazon Instant Video credit when you buy this, so you're essentially getting a 2nd video rental free!


Worth it IMO, but the description is wrong to say 'free shipping', since that requires a $25 purchase or Prime (normally costing $79/year).