dealsportal companion cube cookie jar for $20.00


Best. Cookie. Jar. Ever. You could say it's... a triumph >_>


I'm sure this sale will be a... huge success?

I'd be in for one, but I don't have the counter space :(


Thought this was awesome until I saw how much it would be to ship to me. $17.12? Ouch!


Shipping is $13.73 to me and it doesn't ship till July!!!


I didn't check out shipping costs on the deal site, but if it's that much, you can get it from thinkgeek for $30 and ground UPS shipping for me is about $9. You can, however buy $75 in stuff and get free shipping.

$30 is normal price, but hey...


It available from Amazon and eligible for Amazon Prime. It is $33 (with Prime) which makes it cheaper by a couple of bucks then anyone else's price & you can have it by the weekend...:


> Best. Cookie. Jar. Ever. You could say it's... a triumph >_>

You're being so sincere right now.


I would love to know on what basis people downvoted this...

HEAR ME WOOT GODS!!! I beseech thy holiness to make mandatory a comment for downvotes.


Reviews on these state they are hand painted, and not that good. Gave it a look last time it was posted, would not recommend for the price. If it were 199, with 5.99 shipping, sure, but for this price and quality, it's a no go here. And I have spent almost a whole paycheck on Portal gear and stuff.


@takenforgranite: Grab a d6.

1: No reason
2: didn't like the deal
3: didn't like you
4: didn't like the weather today
5: yr mom
6: lulz

That's about as scientific as it gets for an answer (and people would probably just lie anyway). Enjoy!


Like to get one just so I can put a piece of torn paper in it with "Cookies are a LIE" and gift it to my daughter. (We both game.)
But, not at that price and the poor quality comments that have been posted.


What they need is a CAKE jar.

@inkycatz: you forgot the option "Because F you, that's why". We're gonna need a D7, or get rid of lulz, since that's not a logical reason for pretty much anything.


@takenforgranite: I downvoted because shipping is $17. That's a ripoff.


Sorry but I have to downvote this because the price has already increased to $23.99. Darn, darn, darn!!


link does not work..... when you do find this its a preorder item